Providing resources and links for nonprofit organizations to navigate the complexities of the COVID-19 environment.​

Welcome to Alston & Bird Pro Bono Coronavirus Resources, where our pro bono, community service, and nonprofit legal service provider partners can find information related to COVID-19. This site contains information compiled by Alston & Bird attorneys and staff to help our partners manage their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including how to restart operations as stay-at-home orders are lifted around the country.

For starters, Alston & Bird attorneys have analyzed many issues related to COVID-19:

  • Resources. Alston & Bird has dozens of summaries and advisories and additional resources on key issues regarding COVID-19. Check here for all of Alston & Bird’s COVID-19 resources.


  • Regular Updates. Alston & Bird publishes regular updates on the latest COVID-19 updates. Click here to receive Alston & Bird’s Coronavirus Flash Update.

This site contains a wide range of other resources for our pro bono, community service, and non-profit partners, including government guidance, analysis, and information aggregated by other partners and organizations. The resources are broken down by key subject matter areas:

Re-opening, Health, and Safety
Information to help you re-start operations and keep your employees and clients safe. This information ranges from practical steps to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), grant opportunities for healthcare and mental health organizations, and others.

Criminal Justice, Civil Rights, and Immigration
Information on compassionate release, how state and federal law enforcement and corrections agencies are responding to COVID-19, the waiver of criminal fines and fees, and the impact of COVID-19 on immigration.

Employment and Education
Information on obligations employers face related to COVID-19 and how to keep employees safe. Resources for schools, colleges, and universities on available funding and how to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Housing and Homelessness
Information related to renter and homeowner protections, resources for the homeless, and food security.