Kikoff Lending – Where Building Credit is an Opportunity For All

Alston & Bird helped launch a new free credit builder loan company, Kikoff Lending. Founded by Cynthia Chen, Kikoff Lending was created with a social impact purpose and since it started operations in March, the company has helped almost two thousand consumers establish credit. The majority of Kikoff Lending’s borrowers are under-served minorities and women who are credit invisible. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The mother of one client said, “Thank you guys for helping the community…. I sent my daughter here to begin her journey to establish credit. I only wish Kikoff Lending had been in operation when I was 18.” Lisa Lanham, together with Stephen Ornstein, Rinaldo Martinez, Amanda Mollo, Jessica Keenum, David McGee, Daniel Felz and Jeanenne Strauch provided the pro bono legal services to help launch this social impact company.